Apartment rules

For the benefit of everyone, please do not make noise (voices, music ...) from 10:00 p.m. onwards.

The use of the apartment for purposes other than residential is prohibited.

Any damage incurred to the equipment of the apartment must be notified to Bolo Rent.

To avoid blockage, do not throw wet wipes in the toilet, only toilet paper.

Sand causes blockage in the pipes. Please use the foot bath of the building or dispose of the sand before entering the building.

In case of fire, do not use the elevator.

Do not walk barefoot in the common área.

You are in a Community of other owners aside from Bolo-Rent. Please follow the rules established for the Community and Swimming Pool.

Bolo Rent is not responsable for theft, robberiy or any criminal conduct which can occur in the apartment, parking ou garaje. Nor for anything the client may have forgotten upon departure.

Everytime you leave the apartment, please turn off the lights, close the windows and entrance door.

During strong windy days, please bring the chairs of the terrace into the apartment and close the parasol.

Due to fire hazard, be sure to turn off the vitroceramic plate after every use.Due to fire hazard, be sure to closet he gas valves after the use of the stove.

Please avoid leaving the apartment keys in the lock or inside when you leave.  The door will get blocked and a locksmith will have to be called entailing an elevated cost of repair for you, the client.

Please do not use the towels and bedsheets when wearing sunscreen lotion or make-up. These products leave stains that are unremoveable.

Please, it is important to never RESET the router.

In benefit of the environment, please be responsable with the use of water.

For the benefit of the environment, please be responsable with the use of the air conditioner. Turn it off when you leave the apartment and use it always with the windows closed.

Do not use the refrigerator and the freezer at máximum level. Some áreas may get frozen and block the system.

Upon arrival, please do not fill the refrigerator completely. This way, the food will cool correctly.

Please make sure that the refrigerator and freezer doors remain well closed.


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